Dennis Overbye’s Blog Style


— Énoa Gibson

Dennis Overbye has a very compelling blog. For example; on Wednesday, astronomers released what they said were “the most detailed images ever taken of the surface of our sun,” and Overbyes storytelling made reading the blog engaing and easily understandable.

This blog is compelling as it used many different media techniques to draw in the reader. There are visuals that move, time-lapsed videos, photo galleries, and interviews used at storytelling techniques. I admire the variety of storytelling techniques he uses and will work to incorporate more multimedia techniques in my future blog. With the occasional reference to twitter and instagram, Overbyes’ writing style personalizes the stories and brings a more diverse audience who does not only enjoy reading the news but also seeing and hearing it.

Overbyes’ blog is updated bi-weekly, and his bio added insight into why he chose to write about the topics he did. For example in his “about me,” it states that he has been covering the universe for more than 30 years.” The information in his bio gave understanding to his interests.

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