Photos and Lighting

Fresh Air
Took a walk through the mountains, a trail filled with fresh air and high natural sunlight. My technique was to use the Rule of Thirds to guide the viewers line of view to the sky and fresh air.
A piece that is full of nature and architectural surprises intertwined in the foliage. I named this piece Wonderland because of the beautiful arches and the subtle waterfall that flows beneath. This image also creates a direction for the viewer to follow.
Windy Paths
This is a photo I took while on a walk with friends. I wanted to document the wind by seeing the motioninher hair and the trees. The fresh water and clear skies also helps indicate fresh wind and air. The line of path that the eye follows goes from the bottom to the top.
A Land Far Far Away
This is a picture I took of a view of a town from between some trees that I spotted while on a hike. I liked the structure of the view through the lens as well as the vibrance and multiple dimensions presented in the picture. I took this portrait style to focus on the peek between the trees instead of the trees surrounding it.
Oh, Honey
I like how the table of honey directs the viewer where to look and all the colorful jars show the different flavors and consistencies. I took this in mind of capturing the man as well as the honey he was selling.
This was taken in November when Catalunya was fighting for independence, this photo is also divided in threes, with a different story per frame. This photo uses low lighting and a grungy style.
A Thousand Stories
From far away this appears as one picture but I wanted to take a close up shot to show the detail within the collage. I wanted this shot to focus on the laughing boy, It was one of the images that stuck out to me and I wanted to capture how there is beauty pithing every frame that makes up the entire image.
Riot Destruction Captured
I took this photo for a story about the media coverage from the destruction in Spain following the violent riots during the fight for Catalunya independence from Spain. I was studying abroad a few months ago and got the chance to be right in the action during the protests. This image captures all that was occurring in one frame. You can see the broken glass in the background, and the photographer lugging his large camera in hopes of capturing the destruction around him.
Winery City
This is a picture I took at a winery in Spain. I’ve always had a passion for photography and have always found myself working on my techie and style. For this photo, I used the natural sunlight and tried using the Rule of Thirds in this image. I loved taking pictures in Spain because most of the country is multifaceted, meaning there are so many elements I am able to capture in one single frame. 
This is my favorite meal; I always make pasta with Alfredo and Tomato sauce with shrimp and greens. I used the kitchen light and tried to focus on the details of the pasta and the seasoning.
Take it Easy
This picture symbolizes a drama-free day. I took this picture of my sister at the beach and wanted to make her the focus by placing her in the top center. The sun was also directly above her, creating a well-lit fun portrait.
On a Road to Somewhere…
Don’t remember where I was headed, but I wanted to capture the motion of the car as well as the beauty right outside the window. I made sure the shutter speed was low so that the motion could be captured as I saw it through my eyes.
Mid Stride
This is my favorite image out go the many I took of the cows that day. I made sure to get up close to them so that I could capture their detail along with the tags on their ears and what that symbolizes.
Rocky Waters
The photo also uses the Rule of Thirds to guide the viewers eyes to the flow of the piece. This Is picture has many dimensions that create for a picture that appears alive with motion. This photo uses natural light on a sunny day which created a clear image with enhanced detail.
Smokey Business
I took this at Howard near Georgia Avenue. This photo shows the smoke and the weather that day. I like this frame because it had a lot going on, which is the theme of this piece. This photo uses low lighting.
Manipulated Chaos
This is similar to the photo I took above, showing how a lot is going on. This photo is titled Manipulated Chaos because people did the chaos in this pick with the purpose of discarding the material.
This photo uses no light. This is a selfie I took of a beautiful palace, and although there was no light, I still wanted to capture the beauty without the lines that using my front camera created from the lights from the palace. This photo also has many dimensions, me being a part of that in the left corner.
Take me Back
I was walking, saw this view and thought it was perfect for an old school photo vibe. I tried to center the building peeking through and highlight the dark structured tones in the image.

Long Roads

This photo is using natural low light and documents the view of a car on a long drive. I took this while standing in the middle of the street to pretend to be a car.

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