About Me

I am a 2021 Howard University graduate, who majored in Broadcast Journalism and minored in Spanish. 

I grew up as a third culture kid. I have traveled and lived all around the world. I spent a significant part of my developmental years living in Europe, although my parents are Jamaican and American. I developed a connection with many cultures and don’t solely identify with one. Along with my passion for storytelling, I am trilingual. I speak English, Spanish, and French and enjoy connecting with a wide variety of people.

As I approach the end of my final semester at Howard University, I have experience working in different newsrooms. I have worked at Howard University’s TV and Radio Stations as a TV reporter, on-air radio personality, and radio production team member and have maintained a 3.8 GPA. I also worked as a production intern at A&E Networks for the summer following my freshman year. As an Emma Bowen Fellow, I’ve worked as a digital media intern at Spectrum Networks for the past two summers and a Newsgathering Intern at CNNI last semester. I am a Pulitzer Fellow for the current year and will be traveling to Puerto Rico for two weeks to report the effect natural disasters and COVID-19 have on Puerto Rico students. 

I have attended the following schools: The International School of Indiana, St. John’s International School in Belgium, Myers Park High School in Charlotte, North Carolina, Howard University, The University of Barcelona in Spain, and The Institute for the International Education of Students in Barcelona. I enjoy reporting, photography, video production, makeup artatry, painting, traveling worldwide and experiencing different cultures.

Click here to learn more about me and view a timeline of the different places I’ve lived.

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